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LIVSM said she personally went to ask sungmin when she found out about his wedding months ago and he admitted to her

im crying… LIVSM fansite unnie said when sungmin admitted to her hes getting married, she was so devastated but couldnt tell anyone :(((

she said her mom…

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"Remember this: we are Everlasting Friends not Everlasting Girlfriends ^^"

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These are some excerpts from the letter of Ming.

We as fans have to support at all times, he is taking a big step in your life. He found the woman he wants to spend the rest of his life.

Do not worry baby, I’ll always love and support you & I’m happy for you.♥ small>


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버터컵 │ 여러분 죄송합니다. 함께 하고싶은 시간이 더 길었으면했는데…저희는 한계인거같네요. 홈은 오늘 중 닫을 예정입니다. 그동안 감사했습니다. 회원님들이 있어 너무 고마웠어요

Vuttercup | Everyone, we’re sorry. We had hoped that our time together would be longer… but this seems to be our limit. We plan on closing the home sometime today. Thank you for everything up…

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The reason why Korean ELF turn their back against Sungmin


While international fans express their happiness for Sungmin getting married, but not with Korean fans. I was only translating what appeared on my timeline. I got too ask few random korean elf on twitter if they are angry, and they said yes. they are disappointed at Sungmin. Why? Below is the reason.

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너를 기다려 세상이 끝날 때까지
널 기다려 운명이 막을 그 순간까지
이젠 내가 너에게 모두 줄 수 있는데
내게로 다가올 수 없니 소중한 내 사람
~ Day 205 ~♡ Kim Jongwoon ♡ #Yesung #jongwoon #day205 #missyou

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8) #MrSimple #SexyFreeandSingle #Mamacita ~ ♡

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My beautiful plastic noona 8)) ♡♡♡ #Saeu #plasticbitch #love (?) #lol

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Remembering 10/50 Yemin moments~

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YeMin ♡♥♡♥♡

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